Palmdale High School Class of '67
45-Year Reunion
Palmdale High School 1965-1975 Class Reunion
AKA BEST OF PHS 1965-1975

Saturday September 1, 2012 - Palmdale Amphitheater, Marie Kerr Park
Photos courtesy of: Sheri Campato Pascual, Colleen Bills Smead, Mary Gambaiani Sisson
of wrong/missing identification)
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Too many, too soon
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(L-R, please advise of corrections): Ron Bergeson, Terry McBride Vaughn, Irene Sulpi Cunningham, ?,
Ken Hollar, ?, Bill Hubbard, Yvonne Cahill, Sharon Holler Hopwood, Dennis Termeer, Mary Conrad Garner, Colleen Bills Smead, Dixie Schwartz England, Lyn Tyhannic Harrison, ?, Richard Avery
Richard and Kathleen Lucas talking with John Blalock (class of '75)
Tthe Massiminos: Patty (Lilley), John, Elaine (Thime), Rich, Barbara
Ron Bergeson, Bill Hubbard, Sheri Campato Pascual, Richard Lucas
Terry McBride Vaughn, Ken Holler
Irene Sulpi-Parris Cunningham
Susan Buffalo, Lynn Tyhanic Harrison
Mary Conrad Garner, Jim Garner (class of '68), Susie Mulkins Buffalo, Lynn Tyhanic Harrison
Bill Hubbard talking with Keith Holler (class of?)
Bill Hubbard, Richard Lucas
Irene Sulpi-Parris Cunningham, Sharon Chapman Hollar
Kathy and Eddie Wehunt
Dennis and Donn Termeer
Terry McBride Vaughn, Devie Harpar (class of '68), Sheri Campato Pascual,
Irene Supli-Parris Cunnngham, Nellie Lockwood Thomas
The Bergesons - Ron, Sara, Syd (Myer, class of '68)
Kathy and Eddie Wehunt, Gerald and Yvonne Neubert Cahill
Nellie Lockwood Thomas and Mary Gambaiani Sisson
Ken Holler, Nellie Lockwood Thomas, Terry McBride Vaughn

Marty Prue

Rattlesnakes and Eggs




G-L-O-R-I-A !!!

complete with

(just like at the talent show in 1966)


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