Palmdale High School Class of '67
Friday Night Dinner at Casa Gutierrez in Leona Valley
Photos courtesy of: Sheri Campato Pascual, Colleen Bills Smead
click here for photos from Saturday night's reunion

Casa Gutierrez in Leona Valley
Bill Hubbard
Phil Cravens
Phil Cravens (in hat), his friend (in front)
Eddie & Kathy Wehunt
Lynn Tyhanic Harrison, Eddie Wehunt
Susie Mulkins Buffalo
Susie Mulkins Buffalo, Lynn Tyhannic Harrison
Karl Hunter, Bill Hubbard, Phil Cravens' friend
Richard & Kathleen Lucas
Betty & Dennis Huckabey
On right side of table: Colleen Bills Smead & Terry Kenney, Sharon Holler-Hopwood, Becky Smead
Standing: Patty Massimino Yoder, Terry McBride Vaughn
Seated: Mike & Becky Smead, Colleen Bills Smead (back to camera)
Elaine Massimino Thime, Patty Massimino Lilley
Irene Sulpi-Parris Cunningham
Terry McBride Vaughn, Nellie Lockwood Thomas
Bill Hubbard, Colleen Bills Smead, Nellie Lockwood Thomas, Irene Sulpi-Parris Cunningham
Nellie Lockwood Thomas, Richard Lucas
Sheri Campato Pascual

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