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admin - 9/15/10

Hi, Doug - please go to the names/info page and submit your contact info.
web site admin - 3/28/11

Just Trying to make contact with anyone from 67'PHS Falcons. I'm still kicking! My best wishes to all and a special greeting to Pam and Paula who used to have 1st grade recess with me at Marriott.
Doug Moore - 26MAR11

Hi All - I'm residing in the Lake Chelan (3rd deepest lake in the U.S.) area in Wahington State. I retired from Lockheed Martin in 2005 but teach part time for the Manson School District. I am also a free lance writer for one of the popular boating magazines and I still love the Beatles!
Steve Vaughn - December 7th, 2010

Hi, Margie. I dated Steve when I was a sophomore at PHS. I remember going to the Key Club dance with him. Have you tried looking on Facebook? Good luck finding him. I had a recent experience where an old flame contacted me through the County Clerks office. We have been e-mailing now since 4/10.
Linda Bjorklund Florey - 11/12/10

I am trying to contact an old flame. Steven Schenk. I havent gone to too much trouble but thought this might be a good start? I was 1969. Any help would be appreciated. My address is mjquam at gmail dot com
Margie Spurr - 9/08/10

Hi to everyone, I am trying to get in touch with bill skinner and am posting my email in hopes of hearing from him! I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me and just wants to chat! alofstedt at lycos dot com.
Allan Lofstedt - 06/23/2010

Hi, alumni. I wanted to update my info for those of you who have been trying to get in touch with me. My e-mail is now Linpsych at mac dot com. I now have two grandchildren Pierce 7 and Skylar 5. My son, wife Marian and grandsons, live in Phoenix, AZ. My profession as Child Custody Evaluator is still keeping me busy, and out of trouble. Hope you are all doing well. Linda
Linda Bjorklund Florey

Aloha Pam Tomasko! What are you up to these days? I have been looking for you on intelius to no avail. I just got in touch with Steve Ditto living in Gerogia, and I am bringing Steve and Alan Ronnebergs music back into the studio with the help of Dave Ronneberg and his musically inclined son Devin. I live on Maui, panoramic view, come see me, love you lots, mom is well on Oahu.Please call me! 808 344 3944
Jan Deputy - June 5

PHS class of 67 birthday cruise
There's still time to join us on our upcoming cruise to celebrate the year we all turn 60. Click on the green Cruise60 button to the left for details. The prices listed don't include the fuel supplement, which has been suspended for now. It is likely that Carnival won't implement the fuel supplement because they, like all the cruise lines, are hurting for passengers. Our entire block of cabins and special prices are still available -- usually, by this time, our deadline would have passed and "late-bookers" would have to pay more.
So come join us -- it's gonna be a blast!
Barbara - June 2009

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Dear Friends, Thanks to all for a great reunion. I know a lot of hard work and planning went into the success of our 40th reunion. I had a great time. It seems like yesterday that we were all teenagers (we still are at heart). My husband and I are looking forward to the Cruise60-2009! A special thanks to Barbara and Dale for getting all the CD and memory books sent out. Hope you are feeling much better Barbara. God bless you all. Love, Brenda (Johnson)Phillips
Brenda (Johnson) Phillips - 03-01-08

40-year reunion after event mailings --
The portrait prints, CDs and (if you ordered them) printed Memory Books were sent out today so you should receive them soon. Immense thanks to my son, Dale, who helped put it all together, "stuff" and label the envelopes, and took it all down to the post office to get it mailed -- if not for his stepping up to help me during and after a serious illness I had, it would have taken much longer. It's good to have someone close by who will help. Of course, he feels a connection to our class after accompanying me on Cruise55, where everyone was so warm and welcoming to him -- but then, that's us, isn't it?

Barbara - 2/11/08

Sending my condolences to Eddie Ramos and his whole family on the passing of his brother Randy. I can't even imagine the feelings you are going through. I remember your whole family well, not only in school but at the Little League field, playing softball with your sister Jackie, and so many other places growing up here. My prayers are with all of you. Carol DiMeglio (Grant)
Carol DiMeglio (Grant) - 1/31/08

I so enjoyed coming to the reunion in September! It was great seeing everyone! I think when you've moved away it's even more enjoyable to reconnect with so many after so many years. It was especially great to see Sandy Wayne, as I hadn't seen her since our ensemble reunion at her house in like 1970! Thanks to the committee for all the hard work that went into the planning, and thanks to everyone who was there to make it a success! BLESSINGS!
Brenda Roberts Norris - 1/2/08

My email address has changed (see the Names/Info page). I loved the reunion and look forward to the next one. What a great job the committee did in making that night so memorable. Thanks for all the hard work.
Gail Hudson` - 11-29-07

Hi all! This is a very special class you know! Not every school or grade has people in it that care to see each other. I feel so happy that we can reconnect with each other...that so many people want to! There is something special about being with the people who have known me the longest. It's so great connecting with all of you and getting to know you again. It's impressive to see what kind and loving people our class has...big hearts, fun to be with, caring and decent people. Thanks for a wonderful time class of '67!
Anita - 10-19-07

What a fun time. It was nice to see everyone again and those for the first time, I agree with Shawna everyone was so nice that you could not be there and have fun. I want to thank the committee for all of their hard work before during and after the reunion without whom this would not have happened. My fondest moment was ...........
David Fahey - 10-13-2007

i had a great time at the reunion. it was wonderful to see many friends and to catch up on each others lives. i am looking forward to seeing everybody again. take care and best of health to all. your pal, big al!
al lofstedt - oct, 13 2007

I just wanted to thank everyone at the reunion. Everyone was friendly to all, the trip was so worth it after 40 years to be reunited with best friends Susie Jackson Evans and fellow classmates,I had a blast at all three events, got back to Seattle very tired but it was worth it...can't wait for another reunion. Never thought remembering back to our youth could be so much fun...Everyone looked so wonderful same smiles,same faces just a little bit more ageful wisdom behind those faces...thanks again to all who got it all together and sorry to have missed the ones who could not make it.....our thoughts were with you also. I think my excitement even got my husband excited about going to his 40th reunion. Gosh thanks again to all.
Shawna (MacLeod) Martin-Hurley - Oct. 3.2007

Welcome to the message board, another way to keep us connected!
Barbara (Benson) Rose - 10/1/2007


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