Gloria, The Story

In 1965, at a talent assembly at Palmdale High School, a local band called The Others, performed "Gloria." Marty Prue, the lead singer, really "got into it," took off his jacket and spun it around his head. The teacher in charge of the talent assembly thought the song and the performance were out of line and interrupted them before they finished. The students in the audience (defiant little rebels that we were) started shouting: "Gloria, Gloria" and stomping our feet on the bleachers.

This has grown into an urban legend for the classes that were there at the time.
Sundazed Music
describes it as follows:

"Raised in the LA desert area known as the Antelope Valley and pals to resident locos, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart The Others excelled at the classic carbon monoxide-baked garage sounds rampant in the US in 1966. When the band performed "Gloria" at their high school, it touched off a student body riot and a battle with an apoplectic teacher."


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