How do I add my own information and pictures to the site?
If you are a member of the Palmdale High School class of 67, email contributions to the . You can add your email address link and bio info to the Names/Info page; pictures to Pictures Now, Families and or Grandchildren pages; and tributes/information about anyone else who should be on the In Remembrance page.
What about privacy?
Policy is to not publish postal addresses and phone numbers on the site and to keep access to them restricted to class members via the printed Class Directory. Email addresses and other personal information is published on this site only with permission/request from the individual. When email addresses are published, they are codified to prevent harvesting for spamming purposes. Right-clicking is disabled to make it difficult to copy the pictures amd images.
Can I sell my (you name it) or advertise my business on this website?
Policy is to not allow individuals to advertise/sell anything.

What does it cost me to use this site?
Please note that this web site is owned and maintained by Barbara (Benson) Rose as a volunteer effort. All costs, including domain name registration and hosting service, are absorbed by her.





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