Listed first are those classmates for whom we have information, including those who are no longer
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Bill Anderson lives in Lowell, MA. He has just started up his own company, Katwil Imaging. He is married to Kathy. They have 1 son, Sean, who is married to Nicole, and 1 grandson, Cameron. Other details: US Navy, 1970-1976; AA Orange Coast College 1979; BSEE CalPoly Pomona 1983; MA Management UCI 1989; MBA Management Villanova, 2002. (7/03)
Bill's , Recent Photos.
Pat Anderson Gray lives in Santa Rosa, CA. She is a retired judge with 2 children (Michelle-35 and Jennifer-33) and 2 grandchildren (Hannah-13 and Max-11). Her hobbies include birds, yoga, koi and golf. Pat says: "I live in the heart of California wine country and enjoy my family and being a forest dweller. Stay in touch!" (10/03)
Pat's , Recent Photos.
Elizabeth Avera Erickson has lived in Alaska since 1968 and in Fairbanks the last 6 years. She would love to hear from classmates, and has been searching for Earlene Allton Carden for years (last contact was in the 80's in San Jose).(9/02)
Elizabeth's .
Richard Avery lives in Lancaster with his with Elisa. He has 2 sons: Richard III and Brian; and 3 grandchildren: Sierra-7, Richard IV, and SHEA. He is a registered nurse and his hobbies include playing on the computer, photography and chess, He says: "I own a house in the Philippines, go there often with my wife. Both sons are in the military, one Marine and one Navy. I am inactive reserve USAF as a captain." (1/07)
Richard's , Recent Photos.
Charlene Barnes Foster attended PHS with us during her freshman year. She lives in Grover Beach, CA and has 4 children: Dean, Aron, Jason, Amberlee; and 6 grandchildren: Anthony-14, Jillian-13, Jordan-8, Jenae-6, Gavin-6, Alex-6. She works as a merchandiser, hobbies include NASCAR, reading, movies and antiques. She says: "I was only at PHS for my Freshman year but remember so many of the wonderful people I went to school there with. I think my freshman year was my most memorable year of school!" . (12/05)
Charlene's , Recent Photos.
David Barnes lives in Richland, WA, with his wife of 34 years, Margie. They have 2 children: Nicole and Brian; and 3 grandchildren: Anneliese, Emma, Hannah. David spent 20 years in the oil business, and is now an engineer at Hanford, Washington. He enjoys golf, motorcycles and friends, and says: "It has been a long time since we were at PHS. Good to find out as much as possible about people we used to know well!" (3/05)
David's .
Kathleen (Susie) Batchelor Joyce is a teacher and lives in Utah. She has 2 children: Christy and Paul, and 2 grandchildren: Kai 10 and Clayton 16 months. (6/06).
Kathleen's .
Mary Beacham died in 2015.
Donald Begines still lives in Palmdale with his wife of 42 years, Karen Vilarino Begines (class of 69). He is a Road Maintenance Supervisor for Los Angeles County Public Works. They have 2 sons, Doug and Jeff. Doug resides in Colorado and has 4 children: Luis, Madison, Jacob and Mason. Jeff resides in North Carolina and has 5 children: Valerie, Stephanie, Trent, Zachary and Travis. Don looks forward to retiring in 3 years, possibly in northern Arizona. He loves fishing and going places in their fifth wheel. Looking forward to traveling all over US. (6/13).
Don's .
Barbara Benson Rose lives in South Carolina and is a retired (computer) consultant. She has 2 grown sons and enjoys artistic crafts, writing, reading, cruising, music and (surprise!) computers. (9/11)
Barbara's .
Jm Bensilhe was in the Chorale Union and Swim Club. He died in 2014.
Michael Benton served two tours in Viet Nam; he was attending college and had been married for only 9 months when he died in a car accident at 24 yearrs of age.
Colleen Bills Smead lives in Leona Valley, CA. She has 2 adult children, Jeff and Cain. She is a registered nurse and enjoys horse camping. She writes: "We just bought 10 acres in Leona Valley and will be building a home for us and all our animals on it in the near future." (12/06)
Colleen's .
Linda Bjorklund Florey lives in Thousand Oaks, CA. She has an adult son, Deron, and 2 grandsons: Pierce 7 and Skylar 5. Linda is a psychologist (child custody eveluator) and enjoys tennis, bodybuilding, hiking, gardening and traveling. She says: "I just read the Tributes section on the website and felt so sad to see how many classmates we have lost. They will, of course, live on forever in our hearts. I would love to hear from any and all of you." (8/10)
Linda's , Recent Photos.
Sherry Black was in the pep club and several other clubs. She died of asthma related problems in 1993.
Beverly Blake lives in Laguna Niguel, CA. She has one son, Nathan, and a granddaughter, Jenna Rose, 7. She is still in Corporate Sales but spends most of her time as a scenic artist at the Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Her hobbies include painting, play production and set design. She writes: "For the last 3 1/2 years I've been involved with the Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano. I started out just working on the sets and it has consumed my life. Now I'm also a producer and help run the theatre. I love it! We are working to become the Capistrano Center for the Arts and are immersed in the community of San Juan. I'm having the most fun ever in my life. My son has become a chef in Seattle, is currently baking for Safeway (yeah, a union gig), he also writes song lyrics and has started a band playing guitar." (3/07)
Beverly's , Recent Photos.
William Bollman lives in Vacaville, CA, with his wife Patty. They have one son, David. Bill is a bowling center manager and enjoys bowling and NASCAR. He writes: "Was a Firefighter at AF Plant 42 for 21 years. Left Palmdale in 1996 to work in the Bay Area in the Bowling Industry." (7/07)
Bill's .
Eleanor Boudreau Daniel lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Dan. They have 2 children (August and Bill) and 2 grandchildren (Jordan-5, Alyssa-3). Eleanor is retired and does childcare. (3/08)
Eleanor's .
Marvin Brandt
Tom Bryden lives in Bayside California. His address is 2548 Golf Course Rd 95524. Tom does vinyl siding and plays a lot of Golf.
Lindy Bullard Tucker lives in McLoud, OK, with her husband Joe. She has 5 children: Eric, Jason, Kelly, Shawn and Kirsten; and 9 grandchildren: Allyssa, Nick, Shane, Brendan, Jadyn, Mason, Brittany, Sam and Lily Mae. Lindy is a housewife (bon bon taster) and her hobbies include camping, gold prospecting, arts and crafts. She writes "Remarried in 05 to a local Okie with an accent you can cut with a knife. Enjoying being close to all the kids and grandkids. My husband is a GPAA member (Gold Prospectors of America) and we go on outings with them and look forward to spending vacation in Calif. to do some serious gold panning! Life is good now that we can take time to kick back and smell the roses...or coffee...whichever you prefer." (4/07)
Lindy's .
Margaret (Peggy) Burns Soto was in the Pep Club, French Club and Photography Club and played Powder Puff Football. She had Muscular Dystrophy and died in 2104. Peggy's obituary.
Edward (Eddie) Burruel participated in wrestling and basketball, and was on the varsity football and baseball teams. He was also member of the Interact club. He died in April 2012.
Eddie's obituary.
Ron Buschkowsky died of AIDS prior to our 25th reunion.
Anne Butler lived in Washington. She had 3 children: Jenny, Sarah and Margaret; and 5 grandchildren. She was a lifelong learner, accumulating at least 176 semester units in several fields of study and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. She died in 2015.
Anne's .
Patsy Caler Philips lives in Goodman Missouri on her 75 acre ranch where she raises miniature horses. She has two sons, both married and doing well. She would love to hear from everyone and if you are ever in her area please drop by -- you will love the beautiful Ozarks. (1/04)
Patsy's , Recent Photos.
Sherri Campato Pascual lives in Laguna Niguel with her husband of 34 years, Bill. They have a grown son who lives in Colorado. (9/02)
Sherri's .
Scott Carpenter played JV and varsity football. He died in Viet Nam.

Suzette Cheeseman (aka Mattox, Goddard) has lived in Fresno, CA. for 33 years. Suzette's's

John Coberly (born John Marshall Parker), goes by Marshall Parker these days. He lives in Marysville, WA (north of Seattle) with wife Betty Jo. Betty's daughter, Ingrid, and her two children, Gwyneth (4) and Forest (1) help to fill out the household. After SCAN TV shut down, Marshall has set up his own company, Marshall Media Consulting. Betty works at Boeing. Daughter, Genesis, lives in San Diego with hubby, Matt. Marshall has lived in Houston, where he met Betty, who was one of his students in country dance class. He also worked at Conoco world HQ for 12 years and Houston MediaSource (public access TV) for 12. You can see some of his video work here: Gwyneth's Snow Day. (10/11)
Marshall's , Recent Photos, Web Site.

Mary Conrad Garner lives in Tuscon, AZ with her husband of 32 years, James. They have 2 children: Scott, who was born in Germany during the 12 years they lived there, and Heather, who was born in Lancaster. (4/04)
Phil Cravens attended school with us until the middle of his junior year. (12/02)
Roy Culver was on the varsity wrestling team.
Diane Decker Tuttle lives in Washington with her husband Jack. They have 3 children: Sondra, Kelly and Cory; and 4 grandchildren: Lily, Kalen, Jaden and Sydney. She works in Program Management. (4/05)
Diane's .
David Lloyd Dilsaver lives in Lancaster. (7/02)
Jim Dragon (picture to be added later) married Claudia Lynn in 2000; they have 8 children (all grown, 25 the youngest) and 18 grandchildren. They reside in Sun City, Ca. He retired from Brunswick Corp. in 2001 after 28 years and she is a retired teacher. He is now working part time for the church where they both attend. They both like camping, fishing, boating and anything out doors (particularly mountain side). They will be attending the 50 year reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Jim's .
Melony Dreuth Evans lives in Palmdale with her husband Bill. They have 2 children: Russ and Ryan; and 4 grandchildren: Stephanie 20, Melinda 16, Bradley 9 and Ethan 2. She is a Registered Nurse who enjoys travel and shopping. She Says: "Married to Bill for 37yrs. Work at AV Hospital's Women & Infant Pavillon & if anyone is there visiting look me up. Plans are to retire soon to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. We will be great grandparents this October, oh My!" (8/07)
Melony's .
Carol Evans was on the honor roll and in the pep club. She died in an automobile accident in 1976.
Teresa (Terri) Evans Miner lives in Littleton, CO with husband, Mike. She has a daughter, Gena, and a grandchild, Jackson, (3 months). (3/07)
Terri's . Recent Photos.
David Fahey lives in Gresham, OR, with his wife of 35 years, Calleen. They have 4 daughters: Tammy, Lea Ann, Mendy and Stephanie; and 10 grandchildren with another on ther way: Ashley, Nathan, Andrew, Lydia, Emiliy, Megan, Madeline, Jessie, Lucas and Caleb. He is an electrical estimator and likes to golf a lot. He says: "Stop by or call and we can catch up on old times over a cup of coffee. I'm glad that Barbara is doing this site for us, I know it's not easy." (5/07)
David's , Recent Photos.
Pamela Fairchild Guiterrez lives in Los Angeles with her husband Victor. (10/02)
Rick Farnsworth lives in Chino Hills with his wife Martha and 3 children, Jake-10, Cole-9, and Cheyenne-6. He has worked 32 years as a teacher/coach at Nogales High School in La Puente. His hobbies include sports, family related stuff and collecting vinyl. Rick says "I have been married 21 years to a loving girl. Started the family after cutting back on school/coaching responsibilities. Christian life has given me the best of everything. Like Bill Hubbard said,it is like yesterday when I recall all the experiences and faces. Destiny and fate have brought us to this point. Hope to hear from you." (7/04)
Rick's .
David Farris died as a result of an auto accident in 1986
Lael Fessenden Fischer lives in Broken Arrow, Ok. (outside of Tulsa) with husband Tom Fischer. She writes: "Still in Broken Arrow, OK. Tom is with IBM. Same job, just a different company. Our girls all live here too. We enjoy our grandchildren, Dalon(8) and Makenna(1). We are raising Koreena(12). She keeps us young! Tom is her softball coach. And she is busy with her volunteering at an animal sanctuary. Lots of fun. " Would love to hear from others." (11/05)
Lael's .
Tom Fischer (see Lael above)
Tom's .
Stephen Fitzer lives in Texas with his wife Wendy. They have 5 children: Adam, Paul, Jeremy, Jesse, and Andria; also, 4 grandchildren: Calvin (10), Stephen (6), Kasey (1) and Bennett (3 mos) . Steve is a CEO and enjoys golf, basketball and genealogy. He says: "I've had very full life. I have lived in three countries, traveled to 60 countries, made my fortune and retired once, got bored, and went back to work. I have a wonderful wife and we live happily together in San Antonio, Texas." (10/09)
Stephen's .
Joe Flores writes: "I currently reside in Palmdale California and work as Chief of Business Integration for U.S. Air Force Plant 42 Det 1. Two years ago, I married a wonderful woman, Jan Bush, who works for the U.S. Forest Service as the Communications Manager at Land Between the Lakes in Golden Pond, Kentucky. I will be retiring in the near future and joining her in Kentucky. She is just completing her Master?s Degree in Interactive Communications and will graduate next month! In addition to my day job, I have been a professor for Webster University for the past 13 years and love teaching. Jan plans to start teaching on-line at the college level when she completes her graduate work. I plan to continue my teaching career after retirement. I have 2 children of my own, a daughter who is a mother of 4 and a housewife. My son is currently serving in the United States Naval Submarine Service as a Communications Technician (submarine). He has served 11 years and plans to continue his career in the navy. He and his wife have 3 children, 2 daughters and a 1 month old son. My son is glad to finally have a son. I graduated with a Master?s Degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California (USC), and my son and I are die-hard Trojan football fans, so Fight On Trojans! My wife also has two children, a daughter and a son. Her daughter is in her Master?s degree program, and her son is completing his associates degree work. We are all doing fine, and Jan and I look forward to finally being together and buying a home in Kentucky." (4/18/2012)
Joe's . Recent Photos.
Sharon Ford Keiffer lives in Lindsay, CA. She has 6 children: Jason, Kenneth, Shari, Ali, Patty and Rosa; and 4 grandchildren: Micheal, Megan, Andrew and Shinia. She is a homemaker and dog breeder. Her hobbies are raising and training dogs. Sharon writes: "I live in the country of Lindsay. I adopted a special needs girl, Ali, who is a full time job. My oldest son Jason was killed in a tragic auto accident in 95. I also adopted 2 other childern. Because Ali requires so much time I stay home and raise dogs and that keeps me sane and busy but still making a living. If you know anyone wanting a cute cuddly friend let me know." (1/09)
Sharon's .
Patricia Fortin Hahne lives in South Carolina (since 1997) with her husband of 34 years, Walter. They have 2 children, Joseph and Jason. She is retired from Lockheed and enjoys traveling, Ladies Investment Group and Samba (not the dance). She lived in Europe for six years during the 80's.(7/06)
Pat's .
John Fox and his wife, Linda, retired in June 2006 and immediately began the gypsy life in their RV. His interests include guitar, wodworking and RVing. He says: "We will keep travelling around in our RV until it's no fun, then settle down somewhere to be determined at a later date. We will begin a cross-country trip in January so will not make the reunion, but send our hellos to all those we missed. We'll be back in Nov or Dec 2007." (12/06)
John's .
Pete Galier lives in Lancaster, CA, with his wife, Carol. They have been married 32 years and have 3 children, Gina, Christa, and Johnathan. He is an insurance agent and enjoys golf and softball. (7/07)
Pete's .
Carleigh Gallardo Foster has lived in Texas for 32 years. She's been widowed 2 years and has 3 great boys and one beautiful daughter and now has 3 granddaughters. Carleigh owns a Honda Shadow VT1100 and rides it as much as time permits. She is also very active as one of Jehovahs witnessses. (9/04)
Carleigh's .
Mary Gambaiani Sisson lives in Palmdale with her husband of 27 years, Richard. She is a therapist and enjoys weight training, gardening and running. (10/07)
Mary's .
Rosie Garcia Martinez lives in Whittier, CA, with her husband Raul. They have know each other since they were 5 years old and have been happily married for 32 years. Rosie is retired from Bank of America. (4/04)
Rosie's .
Winona Gettys Rouseylives in Arkansas whith her husband Steve. They have 3 children: Brenda, Gina and Robert; and 6 grandchildren: Kandi, Ginger, Brooklyn, Bronson, Cody and Ciarrah. She works as a bus driver and in the cafteria. Hobbies/interests are church and playing piano. Winona writes, "I moved to Carroll County in Northwest Arkansas in 1968. The lakes, and mountains are a great place to raise kids. I've (you wouldn't have believed it) worked for the Berryville School District for the past 23 years. Steve and I have just celebrated our 40th anniversary together, and have 3 wonderful children as well as 6 grandchildren." (10/07)
Winona's .
Barbara Gillaspy attended PHS through her junior year. She passed away in northern California in 2006.
Peggy Grall lives in Milton Ontario Canada. She is married and has 3 children Danny, Loren, Rachel. She's a psychotherapist. She likes to play tennis and baseball. She says that if you're in the area to stop by for an Canadian home cooked meal. (5/02)
Peggy's , Recent Photos.
Carol Grant lives in Palmdale and would like to hear from classmates. (11/07)
Marit Gustafson Does lives in Lancaster with her husband John. She has 3 daughters: Stacey and Jamie, both adults; and Kerri, 17. Marit is an Office Administrator-Jack of all Trades whose hobbies include old cars and spending precious time with family. She says: "My best to everyone...I work at AAA in Lancaster and would love to say Hi - please stop by when you can. What a great job was done with this website. Thank you for all your hard work. I especially enjoy GLORIA - boy, what a memory that is! Would love to hear from everyone...Happy Trails!" (6/04)
Marit's .
Steven Haddox lives in Hurricane, Utah with his wife, Frances; they have 4 children: Steven (20), Kristie (17), Benjamin (13) and Michelle (10); he also has 5 grown children [Jennifer (7 children: Caryssa, Ashley, Carolyn, Jessica, Sam, Sarah, Jacob), Angie (1 child: Carter), Dan (3 children: Ian, Diana, Jared), David (1 child: Savannah) and Mike] and 12 grandchildren. Steve works as a youth counselor and enjoys distance running. He writes: "Great website! Nice to be able to catch up with old old friends. I'm happily married for 23 years. Love my job - working with troubled teenage youth. Southern Utah has the same climate as Palmdale - hot and nothing but sage and rabbits." (8/03)
Steve's .
Bill Harkleroad was recently profiled by Richard Nisely on his blog - click here to read the blog entry.
Jennifer Harris Halverstadt lives in Quartz Hill with her husband James (class of '64); they have been married 38 years and have two sons. She is a Certified Ophthalmic Technician and enjoys antiques, ebay (just a little) and some garage selling. She says: "One of our sons lives in Washington State married to the greatest girl in the whole world. Our other son is in the United States Navy and is stationed in the Persian Gulf on the USS Ronald Reagan. We haved lived in the Antelope Valley all but 6 months of our married lives. I have worked in the field of Ophthalmology for 20 years now. I can't wait to retire. My husband and I are active in service to God in the valley." (3/06)
Jennifer's .
Anita Haynes lives in Herrin, Illinois. She has one son, Ryan, and 2 grandchildren, Nichole-7 and Emily-2. Anita works as an off line rep at Verizon and says: "Hello to all. I moved to So. Illinois in '02. Got my AA and found a less stressful job. I am planning to go back to school in January to work on a BA. I would love to hear from any of you." (8/04)
Anita's .
Regina Hazell Rowe has been living in San Diego for the past 15 years with husband John and two children, 13 and 10 years old. (9/02)
Regina's .
Beverly Heinly was on the honor roll and active in several clubs in high school.
James Hertel lives in Denver, CO, with his wife Alexis. They have 2 children, Matthew and Cameron. He is a publisher (he tracks and publishes information on the health benefits industry for Arizona and Colorado) and enjoys golf, fishing and travel. He tells his son Matthew is a Navy pilot and his other son Cameron is following in his footsteps at the University of Colorado. (3/06)
Jim's .
Kenneth Hollar lives in San Jose with his wife Paula. They have been married 19 years and have 2 children: a son, Kurt, who is majoring in Electrical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara; and a daughter, Courtney, "13 going on 20", who is quite a basketball player. Ken travels a lot with his job, somewhat regularly to Germany, France, Korea, Japan and Singapore. His hobbies include hiking, biking, scuba diving, skiing and hot rods. (10/02)
Pam Holler Chapman was on the honor roll and in the choral union and tennis, GAA and French clubs. She died during heart surgery in 2006.

Sharon Holler-Hopwood lives in Palmdale. (9/07)
Sharon's Recent Photos.

Karen Holtz Finnis married to Jeff and has 2 children: Natalie, an adult, and Kelsey-15. She is a retired photographer and pastry chef, and enjoys tennis, golf, photography and interior decorating. She says "We're never too old to learn & ask questions! Stay fit!:)". (09/05)
Karen's .
Kathy Housinger McKean lives in Palmdale and works in law enforcement. She has an adult daughter and 2 grandchildren, Tyler (Spud) (3) and Jessica (1-1/2). She worked as set painter for years in studios, trained/bred Arabian horses, had a video store in Quartz Hill and joined the sheriff's department where she's been for 13 yrs now. Kathy lives on a section on the eastside (no neighbors for 2 miles) and enjoys music, flying gliders, writing short stories, building model planes, horses, archery, trap/skeet and dancing. She says "I'm hangin' in and hangin' on! I refuse to grow up, so I don't know if I qualify for the cruise! :>)" (of course she does!). Hope all are doing good! (8/03)
Kathy's .
Bill Hubbard lives in Austin, TX with his wife Charrise. Their son Sean (26), is an Infantry Officer in the Army, returned safely from Iraq in late February and will be in training for several months as he is working towards a Special Forces assignment. Sean and his wife Christi are expecting in late November 2004. Bill says: "I love hearing about class of '67classmates. Thanks for keeping this site up......I just reviewed the tribute page and wonder what happened to so many of us....I remember every one of those people like it was just yesterday. Even not seeing them over so many years, it hurts to know they have gone ahead of us.... Take to hear from anyone who wants to drop a line." (4/04)
Bill's , Recent Photos.
Dennis Huckabey lives in Arizona with his wife, Betty. He enjoys music and is medically retired/self employed. Dennis writes: "I own a recording studio, and hope to educate digital consumers and our youth on basic digital device operations and certifications. If anyone would like to help I sure could use it. I'm a good tech. but not too good on the paperwork side." .(10/09)
Gail Hudson King lives in California City, CA with her husband, Robert. They have a 34-year old son who lives in Spokane. (4/04)
Gail's . Recent Photos.
Russell Ince lives in Oregon with his wife, Lynn. They have 3 children: April, Jacob and Erin; and 4 grandchildren: Tori-7, Elisha-4, Hunter-3 and Vincent-1. He works as a building contractor and enjoys hunting , fishing and the outdoors. (2/05)
Russell's .
Regeana Irwin attended PHS up to her junior year.
Susan Jackson Evans lives in Littlerock, CA, with her husband Lawrence (class of '63). They have 4 children: Aaron, Joshua, Charity and Caleb; and 3 grandchildren: Levi, Joelann and Jacob. She is a retired teacher. (5/07)
Susan's .
Diana (Sue) Jay Moran lives in Colton, CA with her husband of 13 years, Tom. They have 3 children, Lance, Tim and Tom; and 3 grandchildren, Steven-18, Simone-9 and Skyler-8. She is an executive secretary and enjoys dancing and bowling. (8/08)
Sue's .
Leslie Jenkins Devlin lives in Roseville, CA with her husband, Jon. She has 3 daughters, Joey-29, Kelly-26 and Erin-25; and 6 grandchildren, Trey-9, Camryn-8, Jada-6. Lexy-4, Isaiah-1 and Nyla-6 months. She is in Customer Relations with Surewest Communications. (10/02)
Leslie's .
Ken (Rich) Jossenberger lives in Bonita, CA with his wife Theresa. They have 2 children, Charlotte & Travis. He is a project manager and his hobby is trap shooting. (1/11)
Ken's .
Patty Kearns
Dennis Kelsey was on the varsity swim team and in the choral union. He stayed in the valley after high school and was a firefighter at Plant 42. Dennis died of cancer before the 30th reunion.
Rosalie Kimball Delp lives in Georgia with her husband Joe. They have 3 children: Rhonda, Wendy and Randy; and 4 grandchildren: Laurel-8, Alex-5, Jacob-3 and Sophia-3. Rosalie teaches social science in an alternative high school. Interests/hobbies are travel and family. She writes: "Would like to hear from any of our classmates. Great website - appreciate it. Hope I can make it to the next reunion." (3/08)
Rosalie's .
Virginia Klemins Bange lives in Palmdale with her husband of 33 years, John. They have 2 children: Jim and Paula; and 7 grandchildren: Angel 21, Matthew 19, Tommy 18, James 17, Kenny 17, Robert 16 and Johnny 8. Virginia is a retired aerospace worker, enjoys reading books, travel, fishing, camping and just kicking back. She writes: "We own a cabin above Kern valley where I do most of my time during the summer. It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years since all of us were at good old PHS. I think back and remember all of the good times that I had there and all of the friends there. God bless all." (4/07)
Virginia's .
Janice Lane/Beth Titcomb lives in Lancaster with her husband Gary. They have 2 daughters: Carol and Mary; and 8 grandchildren: Brittany 17, Katruna, 14, James 13, Sarah, 13, Michael 11, Alex 6, Eli 3 and Emily 9 months. Sher is retired from Palmdale School Dist. Interests and hobbies include reading, movies, dancing, working on family ancestry, and watching her two youngest grandchildren 5 days a week. She writes: "We moved to Palmdale my Junior year and my Dad, Joseph Lane, was the Activities Director PHS and was the Principal of the first Continuation High School. I have lost touch with everyone. Feel free to contact me. I prefer to be called Beth now." (4/08)
Beth's .
Sandi Lee (Elizabeth) Zipperman lives in Coto De Caza, CA with her husband Steve. They have 2 grandchildren KC-9 and Jake-4. She is a senior paralegal & real estate broker and enjoys quilting. (3/05)
Sandi's .
Arlene Lewis LeBlanc lives in Oakland, CA with her husband, Howard. (10/02)
Chris Limon Ippolite lives in Canyon Country with husband Ron. They have been married 31 years and have 2 children, a son, Ron Jr, 27, a UCLA graduate and a History teacher; and a daughter, Andrea, 21, a supervisor at Best Buy. Cris is a Bi-lingual instructional assistant at Canyon High Scool and a travel agent (outside sales). (9/02)
Chris' .
Allen Lofstedt lives in Salem, Oregon and works for the state mental hospital. He says: "I'd like to tell everyone hi and say that I'll retire in 1 year and that I miss all my high school chums." (2/04)
Richard Lucas lives in Camarillo, CA with his wife, Kathleen. (3/08)
Richard's , Recent Photos.
Shawna MacLeod Martin-Hurley lives in Washington with her husband Steven. They have 2 children: Kamie and Keve, and 3 grandchildren: Echo-9, Rain-6 and Kyler-4. She is a retired teacher, enjoys biking and sewing, and would love to hear from old friends. (2/05)
Shawna's , Recent Photos.
Linda Maddox Jessup graduated from Palmdale High School, California State University - San Bernardino, and LaVerne School of Law. Her accomplishments were many, among them: she became a lawyer and Chief Deputy for both Santa Barbara and San Bernadino Counties, helped with law cases for abused children, traveled extensively, had a pineapple plantation in Hawaii for awhile, and raised succulent plants in their vacation home in Bear Valley Springs CA, becoming known locally as "The Succulent Lady". She died in 2010 after a long struggle with lung cancer.
Linda's obituary.
Lyn Mann Derryberry lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida with her husband of 38 years, James. They have a son, James, a daughter, Splinter, and a 4-month old granddaughter, Elsa Lavelle. Lyn is an office manager and says: "My husband, James, is retired from the Navy. Son James, lives outside Stockholm, Sweden, works in the lab for Coca Cola and he and his wife, Malin, have a daughter, Elsa Lavelle, born 6/5/05. We finally have a grandchild! Daughter Splinter, lives in Jacksonville and is a pilot for Net Jets." (9/05)
Lyn's .
Nancy Martin Weaver lives with her husband Richard in Fresno, CA. They have 3 children: Kelly, Kimberly & Ryan; and 4 grandchildren: Connor 17, Cierra 13, Caylie 11 & Cannon 9. Nancy is a part time realtor and enjoys crafts. She writes: "Richard and I have been married 41 years now. We are both Realtors. Our Daughter Kelly is an Emergency Vet in Fresno and Daughter Kim is also a realtor and keeps super busy with four her children. Both our Daughters live in Fresno by us. Our Son Ryan lives in Bali Indonesia. He breeds and imports reptiles and pet supplies. Haven't seen anyone from class of 67 for a very long time, but have enjoyed this website to catch up on all your lives." (10/09)
Nancy's .
Elaine Massimino Thime lives in Rosamond, CA with husband Peter. She has 3 children, Jeff, Heather and Tara; and 6 grandchildren, Tiffani-11, Jacob-9, Sara-8, Micah-8, Dominic-4, and Lane-3. She is a Resource Assistant and thoroughly enjoys her grandchildren. (2/05)
Elaine's .
Sharon (Cher) Mayer lives in Big Bear Lake where she is a realtor. She has 2 daughters, Alessandra (16) and Marlena (14).
Sharon's , Recent Photos.
Anita McRae Sullivan lives in Snohomish, WA with husband Joe. She has 2 children, Jon, 18, and Hannah, 14, as well as a grown stepson, Morgan. Joe (and Anita!) owns two auto repair shops. Anita stays at home to be a mom..."I love it". She says: stop by, she can't cook a Canadian meal like Peggy but she will BBQ a salmon. (1/09)
Anita's , Recent Photos.
Craig Michalik lives in Colorado with his wife Connie. They have 5 sons, all in college: Jess Michalik (Harvard graduate school), Richard Castaldo (Metro College, Columbine shooting victim), Mitchell Michalik (Cal Arts), Michael Castaldo (Univ. Nevada Reno) and Justin Mollison (Community College Denver). Craig is in commercial real estate; his hobbies/interests are running and traveling. (8/05)
Craig's .
Ruben Miranda lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA with wife Mary and children MariClaire, 15, and Patrick, 13. He is CIO of his company. . (7/08)
Ruben's , Recent Photos
Robert Mix attended PHS up to his junior year. He died in 1970.
Douglas Moore lives in Lompoc, CA. He writes: "I'll be a stranger to most but I'll try to throw out some identification. My name is Doug (Douglas) Moore. I lived in Desert View on P-14. Hung with Don and Jim Brown and Tom Musial. Had a crush on Sherrie Black, Susie Gilbertson and Martha Musial. Drove a bright Yellow VW Beetle. Worked at Lake Elizabeth Ranch Club and at Miller's Richfield on the corner of 10th and Sierra Hwy. Went to Vietnam then worked in aircraft for 29 years. Anyone remember me?"
Susan Mulkins Buffalo lives in Quartz Hill With her husband Steve. They have 4 grown children: Brent, Misty, Abby and Adam. She is a retired social worker and is interested in antiques and holistic therapy. Susie writes: "Today is my 57th birthday. My dear friend Lynn Tyhanic Harrison dropped over and we talked as we always do about old times. I am still shocked over turning 50 and here I am almost 60. Life is good though,actually it's grand. I am happily married to Steve, have 4 great kids and my parents are still alive and live around the corner from me in the good old AV. My life is simple, I am fortunate to no longer have to work outside my home. I hope all of my friends from PHS are doing well, many blessings." (4/06)
Susan's .
Nancy Neinast was a member of the Jet Gazette staff and GAA. She died of cancer in 1999.
Robert Neufeld lives in Palmdale and is a Lockheed employee. He is a Vietnam Vet, Life Member of VFW and American Legion, founding member of the Palmdale Veterans Color Guard and Antelope Valley Service Organization Association. (6/07)
Robert's .
Steve Nichols was on the honor roll and in the choral union and several PHS bands. He was in Yemen working for Catholic Relief Services when he was hit by a car while jogging in 1981.
Richard Nisley lives in New Jersey with his wife Cindy. They have 2 sons, Scott-17 and Bill-12. He is a published writer. (5/08)
Richard's .
Pat Novy was on the honor roll and in the pep club and band. He died in 2001.
Steve O'Malley lives in Rapid City, SD, with Cheryl, his wife of 25 years. They have 2 children, Ryan and Mandy. He owns a Peterbilt Truck dealership. His hobbies include bowling (seventeen 300 games!), golf and long drives. He says: "At the young age of 57, I still haven't settled down. We were in Grand Junction Colorado for over four years, where I managed a Peterbilt truck dealership. An oportunity came up to become the owner of the International truck dealership in Rapid City, South Dakota. After spending over 30 years of my life in these Black Hills, we decided to come home. I think I will settle down this time, but doubt I'll ever retire." (2/06)
Kay Osterkamp Sams lives in Henderson, NV and has been married to her soul mate, Jim, for 21 years. They have 4 children (Christopher, Rebecca, Michelle & Paul) and 6 grandchildren (Megan-11, Matthew-6, Michael-5, Austin-1, Jeremy-3 mo., baby boy due in Aug. '06 ). She is retired and enjoys interior decorating & landscape designing. She writes: "Wow! I forgot to update...we moved to Henderson, NV last year after our youngest daughter graduated high school. She's attending LV Art Institute. Son, Christopher is a high school history teacher & football Coach at Canyon High School in Canyon Country (Santa Clarita area). He's married & expecting their 2nd son in August. His father-in-law is head editor for Stephen Spielberg! No, I haven't met Stephen! Step-son Paul is CFO of Blizzard know "War Craft" Computer Games. He's doing extremely well & lives in Rancho Palos Verdes. He's married & has our 3 oldest grandchildren. Daughter Rebecca lives with husband in Phoenix (who's in the Air Force) & is a new mother to a baby boy. I'm so glad to be retired (or at least away from the Fed. Gov't). Just watch the news & you'll understand! Our home is large & on over 1/3 acre. We're 10 min. from the LV Strip & the airport. Plenty to do here & we are always having visitors. Come & visit us."
Kay's .
Polly Panos Boyle lives in Ventura, CA. with her husband Jim. (6/04)
Polly's .
Beverly George Payne married and had 2 sons before succumbing to a drug overdose shortly after high school.
George Pendergast lives in Texas with his wife of 39 years, Sandy. They have 4 children: Keon, Beth, Elijah-14 and Amanda-12; and 3 grandchildren: Katy-3 and Connor-3 and Clayton-1 month. He volunteers with a ministry in Texas. (2/08)
George's .
Linda Pittario Berthiaume attended PHS during her senior (and possibly junior) year. She died of a heart attack in December 2005.
John Rex Powell died of a heart attack in 1996.
Eddie Ramos played basketball for the Falcons, was a letterman and in the German, science and pep clubs. He died of pneumonia in 2009.

Kris Reeder was on the honor roll throughout her 4 years at PHS. She was also in the Pep and Art clubs, GAA, Choral Union and on the tennis team. She died in 2008.
Kris' obituary.

Rhondi Reeves lives in Livermore, CA and works in the mortgage business. She has a daughter, Melissa, and a 3-year-old grandaughter, Isabella Rose. Hobbies include traveling and quiltmaking. She writes: "I've been living in Livermore, Ca for the past 28 years, raising a daughter, working in the mortgage business, and now have a beautiful 3 year old granddaughter. I would love to hear from any old friends out there." (6/10)
Rhondi's .
Joseph Riley was interested in motorcycles, playing guitar, singing and writing songs. He died in 2011 from a ruptured aorta.
Brenda Roberts Norris lives in Ft. Worth, Texas, close to her son & grandchildren. She is an administrative assistent and has worked for a major ministry for a six and a half years. She has 4 children: Chris, Angie, Sarah and Shanna; and 5 grandchildren: Stacey-13, Kayla-9, Nicolas-9, Nathan-2, Grayson-2 mos. (2/10)
Brenda's .
Archie Rousey lives in Arkansas with his wife Linda. He is a retired law enforcement officer and enjoys fishing. He writes: "I am currently retired from the Carroll County, Arkansas Sheriff's Department of twenty-three years. I retired as Captain of the Patrol Division. Prior to that, I was a Homicide-Criminal Investigator for the Sheriff's Office. I also have worked as a Parole Officer for the State of Arkansas before I was asked to be the Chief Deputy and Captain. I am still retired, but I have been asked to return to the Carroll County Sheriff's Department as the Jail Administrator. I'm still thinking about it." (10/06)
Archie's .
Laferne Rutledge Wrightnour lives in Sky Valley, CA, with her husband Clarence (also from our class). They have a son, Clarence III and 2 grandchildren, Ashley-11 and Nickolas-8, She is a retired teacher (multiple subject and Special Education). Interests are travel, sports, nature, and people in general. She writes: "We are going to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in January! We live in the Palm Springs area, and would be glad to hear from anyone interested in communicating with us." (6/08)
Laferne's .
Alan Saager lives in Charlotte, NC and is a design engineer. His hobbies are physics, holography and building design. He writes: "Am now 58 years old. Cancer survivor. Still alive and thinking. I work in the aluminum glass and glazing industry where I designed the outer skins (also project managed projects) on major buildings and towers, 50+ stories, around the US." (2/08)
Alan's .
Gary Edward Sanders has lived in the Antelope Valley most of his life. He and his wife of 35 years, Yolie Armenta Sanders, have 2 sons, Christopher and Nathan, and a 4-year-old granddaughter . He retired from Rockwell/Boeing in 2011, and enjoys fishing & spending time with his family. (8/2012)
Gary's .
Bill Satterfield was in the science, electronics and business clubs. He died of a heart attack in in January 2009.
Phylecia Sharp Platte and her husband, Brian, lived for 30 years in Colorado, and recently moved to Maui. They are both retired from the high tech industry and are currently building homes in Maui as a second career. (12/06)
Phylecia's .
Steven Shaum lives in Lake Havasu City, Az., with Nancy, his wife of 35 years; they have one child, Jody Lee. Steve served in Viet Nam in 1970. He is a painting contracter and enjoys hot rods and relics. (01/04)
Philip Simonson lives in Utah. He would love to hear from classmates. (2/08)
Philip's , Recent Photos .
Louis Smith lives in Los Angeles with his wife of 21 years, Helen. He has 3 adult children: Leslie Ann, David Wayne and James Richard. (2/05)
Louis' .
Patrick Smith lives in Vancouver, WA with his wife JoAnn. They have 3 children, Doug, Jessica and Donovan; and a grandchild. He does on-site construction management and enjoys fishing and jewelry making. (6/07)
Patrick's .
Terry (Terrie) Smith Weller lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband of 26 years, Mark. They have 3 children: Kathi, Kristi and Lowell; 4 grandchildren: Russell-6, Jacob-4, Luke-3 and Abagail-1, and another grandbaby due in June 2008. Terri works as a Litigation Paralegal, Specializing in Personal Injury. Her hobbies include ceramics, art and wake boarding. She says: "I am a UCLA grad, owned Foreclosure & Trust Deed Business in Palmdale for 10 yrs. Moved to Pacific NW in 1991. Love my life. Totally enjoy children and grandchildren. Mark & I have rented houseboats on Lake Shasta for years with family & friends just to get away and mostly to remember that life is at its best when you share it with loved ones. So sorry to read about our lost Grads, though they must be safe in God's hands. Life at PHS was a blast and I will always have 'GLORIA-ous' and unforgetable memories. 'Hi' everyone, especially to all my great friends! Miss you all." (11/07)
Terrie's , Recent Photos.
George Southard lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife of 31 years, Kathy. They have 8 children and 9 grandchildren. They travel extensively, and have been to many places, including Europe and New Zealand. (11/03)
George's .
Irene Sulpi lives in Solvang, CA. She has 3 children, Bill-35, Chip-35 and Adam-33; and 5 grandchildren, Tianna-13, Celine-12, Amara-4, Broun-3 and Conner-9 months. She is self-employed in construction and enjoys horseback riding, gardening and reading. (10/02)
Irene's .
Dixie Swartz England lives in Palmdale with her husband of 39 years Harlan. They have 2 children: Scott and Michelle; and 4 grandchildren: Elena-8, Sabrina-5, Indiana-5 and Ashton-3. She works in Aerospace/Customer Supply and her hobbies/interests are enjoying family and friends, and traveling. She writes: "I am happily married for 39 years to Harlan. We both work at Lockheed and hope to retire in '08'. We enjoy our families and traveling. That is when Harlan isn't playing golf, Ha! Thanks to everyone involved in making this wonderful website! Looking forward to the reunion and would enjoy hearing from you all!" (3/07)
Dixie's , Recent Photos.
Gary Swiercinsky was in the dance band and pep club, and participated in football and track. He died in 2007.
Kurt Suitor died of cancer in 1993.
Laura Thompson Chambers is married to the "light of my life, Hank". They live in College Station, Texas (home of the Aggies for you football fans out there).  They have two sons (ages 20 and 21), three step-children (ages 11, 12 and 14) and two dogs (ages 35 and 42 in dog years).  She works as an Applications Chemist for an instrument manufacturing company and flies competition sport kites for fun (a legacy of the AV wind no doubt!).  She says she can't cook a thing but Hank is a gourmet and will whip up some Texas Bar-B-Q for anyone who drops on by.  Email if you feel like visiting a spell.  Can't wait to hear from y'all!
Laura's , Recent Photos.
Pamela Tomasko Simmerman lives in Fresno, CA, with her husband David. She is an entertainer, singer and writer. (3/06)
Rick Torres played football (MVP 1966), basketball, baseball and track, and was in the Letterman's and Pep clubs. He died in a motorcycle accident in 2007.
Michael Tweedy is living in Africa. He and his wife of 35 years, Debra, have 5 children and 2 grandchildren: Marcus-4 and Anders-2 . He works for the US State Department and enjoys playing dulcimer and travelling. He writes: "Living in Kinshasa, DRCongo, until April 2008. It's a real sucky place. Still don't know next assignment. This is a great website, and it's good to be able to keep in touch and get updates. Stay safe!" (1/07)
Michael's , Recent Photos.
Jesse Vasquez played varsity football and was on the pep squad. He died in 2008.
Steve Vaughn resides in the Lake Chelan (3rd deepest lake in the U.S.) area in Wahington State. He's retired from Lockheed Martin (2005) but teaches part time for the Manson School District and is a free lance writer for one of the popular boating magazines. He writes: "I still love the Beatles!" (12/10)
Dennis Vergilio was on the honor roll, junior class senator and in several clubs. He died in 2004.
Dennis Vogt is an antiquities dealer and lives in Rosamond with his wife Stacy. He has 3 children: Aaron-23, Allison-17 and Matt-15. Under "Name we knew you by in high school", Dennis writes "one of those damn hippies" and under hobbies "being one of those damn hippies"! His message: "Hi Everyone!!!!!! Good to see so many familiar names!!! The valley was a great place to grow up and it's hard to believe how much it's changed! I still miss the Purple Pup and Community Music!!!" (7/04)
Dennis' .
David Wagstaff lives in Portland Oregon with his wife Bijoli. He has 2 children: Rachel and Stephen; 3 step children: Haley, Tara and Hannah Rose; and 2 grandchildren: Hannah-10 and Matthew-8. He is a teacher/director with hobbies Tai Chi and songwriting. He writes: "I have lived in Portland for eleven years. I write/direct films and plays. Married, yet again, seven years ago. My daughter, Rachel, is a nurse in A.V. My son Stephen works at an investment firm in S.F. My father is a resident at Mayflower Gardens. When I come back to visit the valley scares me. They've turned the desert into a parking lot." (7/08)
David's , Recent Photos.
Linda Wall Hares lives in Palmdale with her husband of 30 years, Jim. they have 5 grandchildren: Breanna 19, Ashton 15, Colby 14, Brittney 11, Evan 9. (9/07)
Linda's .
Vivian Walston Neilson lives in Lancaster and is a Medical Biller/Collector. Her hobbies include machine embroidery/quilting. She says: "Hello everyone...isn't amazing how many of us are still in the Valley?" (9/05)
Vivian's .
Billy Ward lives in Lancaster with his wife Rachelle. They have 3 children: Vincent, Heather & Hollie; and 4 grandchildren: Devyn 18, Ryan 17, Madisen 8 & Macy 5. Billy has owned Artistic Carpet One in Lancaster for 40 years. His hobbies/interests include motorcycles and antique cars. He tells us he's "still at the same job since 1966." (11/05)
Billy's .
Dale Warren lives in Arkansas. He has 4 adult children: Paula, Anna, Dale Jr. and Megan; and 8 grandchildren: Angel, Matthew, Kenneth, Robert, Gage, Joshua, Foster (Hoss), Makenzie and Levi. He is a maintenance for Danaher Tool Group. Hobbies/interests include computers, sailing, flyfishing, genealogy and photography. He welcomes contact from classmates. (10/07)
Dale's , Recent Photos.
Sandy Wayne Peterson lives in northern CA, married to Randall, with with 3 children: Dana, Karen and Alex. She is a teacher/homemaker/volunteer; her hobbies include making costumes for the high school musical theater productions, wine tasting with her husband, travel, and she is very involved in her church. She writes: "I had no idea that so many people from Palmdale were keeping in touch! I have been gone for so long...Our youngest son, Alex, leaves for college in August so we will try to get to the 40th reunion. I haven't been back to Palmdale since 1970! We have lived in northern California for 20 years, but our oldest daughter, Dana (an entertainment attorney and recently married) lives in the Santa Monica area so we do get to LA. Our other daughter, Karen, recently graduated from Yale and is currently doing graduate work at UCLA in astronomy...I would love to hear about how the years have treated everyone--it seems like an eternity ago but there are some wonderful memories and great people to grow up with! We managed to live without malls or theaters--as I remember in 1967 there were only drive-in movies and JC Penneys for shopping! I went to college at Occidental and then graduate school in England; taught for 15 years; have been a full time mom until this year--my husband is with Bank of America in San Francisco." (2/07)
Sandy's .
Eddie Wehunt lives in Palmdale with his wife Kathy; they have 4 children: Justin, Heidi, Emily and Erika; and one grandchild Isiah (8). Eddie is an engineer and enjoys sports. He says, "Happy to be part of the PHS Class of 67. Call or come by - it will be great to see you." Email . (3/06)
Julie (Judy) White Ebel lives in Atascadero, CA. She has been married 36 years and has 2 children, Steven, Jr-35, who has a daughter Caitlin-9; and Tracy-32, who is expecting her first child in May of '03. (10/02)
Floyd Whitson was in the pep club and American Field Service. He enlisted in the Marines after graduating, and was wounded twice. He died in a scuba diving accident near Fort Ord, CA in 1973, possibly very early in 1974.
Jacquelyn Wible
Pam Williams Davis lives in Rock Hill, SC with husband Bill. They have been married 35 years and have 2 grown children, Brandon and Hope. (7/06)
Pam's , Recent Photos.
Paula Williams Hendrick lives in Rock Hill, SC and has been married to Jim for 31 years; they have 2 grown sons, Jordan and Nate. She enjoys travel, music, good books, friends and family. She writes: "Received BA degree from Point Loma University and did LA County social work 2 years. Then came marriage and a move to Alameda, Ca, followed by a transfer to Bakersfield in 1976. After staying at home for several years raising our two boys, I then spent 15 years in the blood banking business... fascinating, rewarding and stressful. The sudden accidental death of our older son, Jordan, changed our lives. He was 24 and died in September, 2004. God's grace, family and dear friends have carried us through this heartache. Some of you are those heaven-sent people. We recently relocated to Rock Hill, South Carolina, where we have a home five doors away from Pam, twin? Anyway, we love it here but they talk funny! We're amazed at the incredibly green scenery....we did our desert time! Come by sometime! Go across the country and make a right at Charlotte, NC. "(7/06)
Paula's .
Richard ("Rich") Williams has been married to his wife Gretchen, for over 38 years. They have 4 grown children: Elizabeth, Melissa, Lelia and Harrison, who live in Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Argentina. Rich served in the USAF, and was stationed in Illinois, Texas, Indiana, Arizona, California, Thailand and South Korea. After attending the University of Oregon, and living in Oregon for 20 years, their family moved to the Seattle area. Rich is a retired USPS Letter Carrier, serving for nearly 40 years. He now spends his time gardening, chauffeuring his family, and grandfathering. (6/17)
Richard's .
Sandy Wilson Macy worked for Wilson Ambulance, her family's business. She died in November 2012.
Sandy's obituary
Joyce Wooldridge continued to live in Palmdale after high school and died of cancer before the 30th reunion.
Jim Zuelke played JV and Varsity baseball in high school. He was a restaurant manager, then went to work at Northrup Grumman. He died in 2017.
Jim's obituary.
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