55th Birthday Celebration!
Monday, Oct. 25, 2004 - Friday, Oct. 29, 2004

Front row: Pam Williams Davis, Mary Devonshire, Diana Sue Jay Moran, Linda Madison Hayes, Kathy Southard, Kay Osterkamp Sams, Mary Miranda
Middle row: Bill Davis, David Whitson, Tom Moran, Beverly Blake, Richard Hayes, George Southard, Jim Sams, Ruben Miranda
Back row: Dale Benson, Barbara Benson Rose, Carol Felt, Pat Felt

<bgsound src="Cruise55/BdaySlides/HappyBday.mid" loop=INFINITE>

Fun & Games -- click here

Top-bottom, left-right (more or less): Tom, Dale, Carol, Pat, Bill, Kathy,
Diana-Sue, Barbara, Beverly, Kay, Richard, Pam, Ruben, George, Mary, Linda

Goody Bags!
            Royal Caribbean, Monarch of the Seas


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